About us

Storati is
a company dedicated to the purchase of inventory, providing the vendors at the same time with the option to repurchase it back, thus allowing them to obtain immediate liquidity to cover their working capital needs without losing access to the product sold.

Storati was created by ExpoCredit LLC and Carbel which combined their respective strengths and expertise in financial and logistics solutions to develop a creative and effective solution to meet the needs of their customers. 
Expocredit is a financial services company that specializes in assisting businesses meet their working capital and other financing needs.

ExpoCredit is committed to assisting customers
improve their cash flow, thus allowing them to increasingly focus on their sales and other areas of their business.

Carbel is a full-service transportation, pick and pack, warehousing and logistics company with over 10 years of experience. Among its most important clients are Pilot Freight Services, Sony Ericsson, GE Medical, and Zara USA. Carbel’s expertise and resources are 100% focused on delivering secure, just-in-time logistics.
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