Procedure to sell your inventory with a repurchase option

After evaluating your inventory, Storati will make you an offer to purchase the goods and will provide you with a firm offer to repurchase them at a given price and within a predetermined time period, as described in the repurchase agreement.

Storage, security, monitoring and inventory management

The product will be stored and professionally managed by Carbel under technical and safety conditions that will guarantee the quality and availability of the inventory.

Procedures to contract Storati’s services

The customer must provide the following information:

1.Application form

2.Supplier’s invoice

3.Resale tax certificate

Once the above information is received and all terms have been agreed upon, a repurchase agreement will be executed and the client will transfer all product sold to Carbel’s facilities.

Upon satisfactory receipt and inspection of the purchased product, Storati will pay the agreed price via wire transfer within 24 hours.

The client will have the ability to repurchase all or part of the product sold at any time within the pre-agreed upon time period. Carbel will release the goods once Storati confirms receipt of the payment in accordance with the contractual repurchase price.

Immediate solutions

Immediate cash flow

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